SF 25 Falke Engine Start Up

After sitting into the airplane, look around and check all the instruments, buttons and switches. They have to be in switched off or set position.

Take the headphone onto your ear and let start the engine start up procedure.

Before start up check:

  • Elevator Trim tab: neutral
  • Fuel shutoff valve: open
  • Radiator blind: closed
  • Navigation Lights: off
  • Beacon: off
  • Radio: off
  • Radio frequency: set to airport, airfield
  • InterCom: off
  • Altimeter: set

Only one sentence to altimeter:

We can set it in 3 ways. 1. Set the pins to zero. 2. Ask current METAR or from other source the current QNH barometric pressure and set it. 3. Set the airport’s altitude which is described in the aeronautical map. For example, the altitude of Farkashegy is 705 feet. Budaörs airfield is located on 410 feet. Etc.

Airfield AMSL elevation feet


  • Instruments (airspeed, vertical speed, etc) are in default position
  • Attutude: off
  • Transponder: set to 7000 and off
  • Landing lights: off
  • Carburetor het: off

Start Up:

  • Thrust: Idle
  • Mixture: rich
  • Battery: on
  • Engine switch: on
  • Stick pulled to belly
  • Airplane: braked


  • Press Engine Starter button
After Engine Start Up:
  • Navigation lights: On
  • Beacon: On
  • Radio: On
  • Intercom: On
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