Engine warming up and taxiing to the waiting point

After engine start up, we taxiing to the holding point and wait until the engine warms up.

Warning: the holding point is NOT on the runway! You must’t wait on the runway, you use it only for take off or landing. We start taxiing if the Ground Controll gives clearance to do it. So, if the engine is running we can start to ask the permission to taxi to the holding area. HA-1250: ATC: HA-1250: ATC: When we have arrived the holding point, our plane’s best position is that if we can see the whole landing field (runway) and the air on final. Before we go onto the runway we must check the clear final air and runway. This is why airplanes stops perpendicular to runway. So, pilots able to view and detect current landing or taking off airplanes.

Checking landing airplaneIs there landing airplane?

Checking taking off airlaneIs there taking off or low passing airplane?

If we ha already reached the holding point pull the parking brake and increase the engine RPM to 1500. Two of three minutes later increase to 2000 RPM. Meanwhile coolers are close in other to engine could warm up easier. If oil temperature reach 50 degree celsius (cca. 22 degree F), engine is ready to test the maximum power and RPM. First pull the thrust to idle afterwards push to full power. If it is able to reach the maximum RPM, then we don’t need to warm better. For safe test it again. Watch the following video how to do it.

If the airplane’ engine is ready to take off, we must to do a final cockpit check:
  1. Instructor or passenger’s seat belt is fasten
  2. Instruments’ pins in normal range
  3. Necessary switches are ON position
  4. We don’t hear, smell or see any weird thing in the cockpit, around the airplane or from the engine.
  5. Check the canopy to be in closed and locked position

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