Improving Pilot School’s Market Position

Dear General Manager,

I am a pilot from Hungary, Europe and I am writing to you regarding a new online sales promotion opportunity of your aviation company.

More online visitors = more customers (trainees) = more financial income!

Nowadays EVERYONE starts to seek infromation on internet. If your pilot training school has a lots of videos on many online video channels and a lots of interesting pilot training blog content on your website then most of the pilot training seekers will always find your aviation company.

As marketing says what people find and view the most, they believe it is the market leader company. They believe the most online content producer is the market leader aviation company and they want to learn to fly at the best pilot school.

As your aviation contents grow and expand on the internet more and more people will find your website’s pilot training offer.

Online videos and other text content advertisements remain on internet through decades against paper advertisements. It is able to deliver you more and more new trainee continuously.

Making this online aviation and pilot training content is very complex. Must to be perfect in aviation, website development, search engine optimization, video editing, blog writing, online marketing. Maybe this is why nobody has made it before. But who does it that will be the market leader among pilot training schools.

I have developed the most visited pilot training website of Hungary. What I do is that I am recording step by step my full pilot training to video, cut and label its with comments on screen and share on youtube. Besides I write and publish a lots of "how to fly an airplane" description posts on my blog by SEO principles and attach pictures and videos to its.

Now I would like to do the same with your website in your country.

My aim is to flood the online space as much your pilot school’s aviation video as I can so it works as a stretched mesh. Collects and leads viewers to one focal point: to your pilot training school.

I don’t want money to do this indelible online sales marketing campaign for your pilot school. I do it for free if you ensure my next training for free. These are Instrument Rate, Multi-Engine, Commercial Pilot Licence.

For start it is enough if you support one of my next training and if you are satisfied then the next one.

In return your IR, ME and CPL flight training videos, pictures and text content will flood the internet.

Google and other search engines like these contents so you will get plenty of visitors. They all will have searching for pilot training on the internet and so they will find your school. Once they choose and enroll in one of your training they will stay for the next one and next one in the future.

It is a one time investment into your pilot school’s online marketing which will able to deliver new pilot trainees forever.

Just a few words about me. I have:

  • PPL (A) SEP, TMG and Glider Pilot licences

  • NVFR rating

  • 132 flight hours on different types of Single Engine aircrafts.

  • Aircraft Mechanic and Aircraft Maintenance Technician qualifications

  • 8 years experiences in online content development, video preparing and editing, social web and Search Engine Optimization

  • Developed the biggest and most visited pilot training website of Hungary.

  • In-flight pilot training youtube channel with more than 1,45 Million views. Most of the viewers are from USA, GB and EU.

  • 90 flight hours on different type of gliders

  • Winch launching and aerotowing glider experiences

  • Thermal and ridge soaring flight experiences

  • FAI Silver Badge

  • Degree in Information Technology


Please watch my reference videos and website via links below and let me know if you need any further details.

I look forward to the possibility of working together.

Yours sincerely,

Sándor Tarnóczi
Phone: +36-30-222-80-66


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